What is MicroBotox

Micro-Botox refers to the injection of multiple small doses of Botox into the skin. It’s injected superficially and therefore only targets the skin, where oil production, facial flushing, and acne occur. But it differs from conventional Botox as it does not iron out wrinkles caused by muscle contractions.

That’s right: Botox injected at the top layer of the skin works to control oil and redness while making pores appear smaller, which could mean fewer breakouts, but won’t stamp out wrinkle.

Perhaps the biggest caveat is that, because this treatment goes by many names, it can mean different things for different injectors. Where one doctor might stick to subdermal injections just at the surface level of the skin for a patient who wants to reduce sweat (similar to an armpit injection) or oil, another might go a little deeper to also lightly paralyze the muscle for added fine-line reduction.
Young woman is looking her face in the mirror after a beauty treatment procedure

Should You Mix Micro-botox With Other Injectables?

Cocktailing or layering Botox with hyaluronic acid dermal filler isn’t just common — our experts say that the technique is actually more valuable than the sum of its parts. You get a synergistic effect when you decrease muscle contraction and put a little stretch on the skin with fillers. This is believed to be one way to prompt your body to make more collagen, a building block of youthful skin that tapers off as we age

a woman is undergoing microbotox treatment

How long does Micro-Botox last?

Micro-Botox, like traditional Botox, lasts on average 3-4 months. However, when micro-Botox is combined with other cosmetic treatments, such as hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, results can be extended by several months.

When you work with Cindy, she’ll be able to discuss your medical history, current skin condition, and aesthetic goals to determine a personalized treatment result with optimal results.